06 June, 2018

Change to the publication schedule

Practical Distributism is a volunteer effort. The authors contribute articles as the time and circumstances of their lives permit, and I remain grateful for their contributions and support of this site. At this time, I am simply unable to maintain the previously published schedule for articles. I have therefore removed the schedule, and have updated the About section of the site accordingly.

However, I remain committed to publishing articles as they become available. If you know of anyone who is interested in submitting articles for publication, please have them contact me.

Thank you,

David W. Cooney

26 March, 2018

Distributism and the French Revolution

Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s attitude towards the French Revolution seems to be, at least in very many cases (and I know it from experience) a rather uncomfortable matter; Andrew Greely, in an introduction to the beautiful Sheed & Ward Classics reedition of Masie Ward’s Gilbert Keith Chesterton prophesized that the alliance between Chesterton and the so called “traditional Catholic circles” (the integrists, or whatever else we call them – every name seems somewhat deficient, and definitely controversial), which was forming at the time, would not last long. It was the year 2005. Indeed, Greely was right; and at least in Poland this alliance is now almost dead. Our traditional Catholic communities, first fascinated with Chesterton’s apologetics and imbibing his works almost maniacally (about twelve or ten years ago), tend to talk about him less and less, with the general tactics consisting in pushing him further and further away by the power of “discreet reticence.” “Chesterton? Ah, yes; good writer. Tea?”

16 March, 2018

Witt and Richards on Belloc: Part 3

Continued from Part 2

In an exchange with Witt and Richards sort of on this topic (Pearce 1, W&R 1, Pearce 2, W&R 2), Joseph Pearce accused the pair of conflating Belloc’s views with socialism—an accusation they warmly denied.