21 November, 2013

Distributism Basics: Distributism vs. Socialism

In the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, three alternatives were proposed to alleviate the conditions of the working classes under capitalism: distributism, Keynesian capitalism, and socialism. Distributists are sometimes accused of being socialists, or at least quasi-socialists. This article will examine the nature of socialism and how it is completely incompatible with distributism.

14 November, 2013

Distributism Basics: A Brief Introduction

For those people who have just heard about distributism, whether they are just curious, or doubtful, I would like to present a few articles that run through the basics in simple terms. I'd like to be able to answer some of the claims presented by our detractors, but those answers must be understood by what distributism actually is, rather than what our detractors claim it to be.

Guilds and Distributism

Here is an interesting discussion about Guilds and Distributism

04 November, 2013

Another Look at Mondragón

From time to time, some of our readers have suggested that we should not use the Spanish cooperative corporation, Mondragón, as an example of distributist principles in action. The main point of this suggestion is that Mondragón has grown too big to truly be an example of distributism in the world today. I have always agreed with this point, and have responded that it would not be so big in a truly distributist society. However, because of the principles that guide their business operations, I have always felt that it does serve as an example of how distributism can work with larger scale industrial types of businesses. With the news of Mondragón's largest cooperative, Fagor, filing for bankruptcy, it is time to discuss a harsh reality with our readers.