About Distributism

The basic premise of distributism is that society as a whole is better off if the means of production are privately owned by a lot of people who do the work rather than owned by a small percentage of the people who own the majority of property and hire labor to work on it. Independent, locally owned small businesses and farms are the bedrock of a strong and stable economy. Large businesses would best benefit the larger community if they were cooperatives. Local, cooperatively owned financial institutions like credit unions serve communities better than large corporate banking institutions. Distributism also advocates the devolution of government authority to the local community according to the principle of Subsidiatiry over the current trend of increasing the power and scope of centralized government.

About This Site

Practical Distributism was established in 2009 by David W. Cooney. Its purpose is to present the economic and political ideas of distributism to those interested in learning more about it, whether or not they agree with the ideas or positions presented. The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and are presented to further the discussion of distributist principles.

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If you would like to submit an article for publication, review the contributor policies and contact the editor at PracticalDistributism@gmail.com.

Publication Schedule

Practical Distributism is a volunteer effort. The authors contribute articles as the time and circumstances of their lives permit. Because of this, the Editor is not able to promise a regular publication schedule at this time.

Political Stance

 Practical Distributism does not promote any political party, candidate or campaign. Any references to policies or positions are intended to be in regard to their compatibility with distributism and do not represent any form of campaigning for or against any party or candidate.

  Religious Stance

The Editor of Practical Distributism, David W. Cooney, is unashamedly Catholic. However, this site welcomes comments and article submissions from people of other faiths. Please refer to the following article Is Distributism Catholic.