Getting Started

Where does one begin?

Support local businesses.

Shift Your Shopping

Promote independent businesses.

(Including making shameless plugs for friends and family)
Robert's Tent Repair                       Glow Up

Morbidly Wholesome Creations       Valhalla Coffee Co.

Mediatrix Press

Support those who support locals in need.

Love Thy Neighbor - WA

Support businesses that operate in ways more compatible with the goals of distributism. 

    Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Samaritan Ministries        Ace Hardware

If you own a local business or are part of a cooperative, organize with other local businesses to mutually support each other.

American Independent Business Alliance

Handmade Cosmetic Alliance
US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Tech Co-op Network

Cooperative of American Physicians

If you own a business and would like to transition to a cooperative

Successful Cooperative Ownership Transitions

Benefits of Cooperative Conversion

 Transitioning a Private Business to a Worker Cooperative

How to Convert a Business into a Worker-Owned Cooperative

More Info for Conversions

Understand, and help others to understand, how to protect your business online.

Cybersecurity Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

Support subsidiarity.

 Why small government?

Join movements to decentralize government.

Challenge the claims of capitalism's success

Is centralized big production better?

Aren't franchises beneficial to local communities?

Is capitalism the only system that has proven itself to be a success?

Does Capitalism Work?

Is what's best for "Wall Street" also what's best for "Main Street?"

Even financial "experts" seem confused.

Share distributist ideas with others.

 An alternative idea for mortgages 

 Another way cooperatives can succeed while we are still under capitalism.

Understand the arguments against distributism.

Don't let others define distributism as something it's not.

Consider writing articles about distributism.

Consider writing a book.

When do our own ideas get in the way?

Achieving Distributism
Part I     Part II     Part III

Did you know there are communities already trying to implement distributism?
Sierra Leone Chesterton Center