20 February, 2020

Global Trade vs. Free Trade

Those who know the positions of distributists will understand that we are generally not in favor of modern "Free Trade" schemes. It seems, however, that some may misinterpret this and conclude that we are isolationists. After all, it is not unfair to say that we are not only in favor of localism, but that we put more emphasis on it than others who also favor that idea. This has led some to question what a distributist position on trade would be.

12 February, 2020

Is Distributism a Socialist Cult?

I know a lot of Catholics who really like the YouTube channel of Dr. Taylor Marshall. They view him as one of the few reliable commentators on the Faith and living it in today's world. That is why I was so disappointed when I watched "Against Catholic Distributism w Dr Jay Richards and #TnT (Dr Marshall #234)." I have to admit that it was an extreme struggle to watch this video because it was a one hour and ten minute, non-stop misrepresentation of Distributism and distributists. To be honest, the first time I saw it, I could only get through about six minutes before I was so frustrated that I stopped. I regret that I did not continue at that time and write this article before now.

07 February, 2020

Protecting the vote of the people

When the officers of government are chosen by the vote of the people, it is crucial that the people can trust the process of having elections and counting the votes. As long as there have been elections, there have been problems with them. Over time, societies have worked out how to mitigate these problems so that the people can feel confident in the process. The recent introduction of modern technology into the process is hailed as bringing elections into the current age by some, but has been the cause of not trusting the process for others. The recent event of the Democrat Party's caucus in Iowa has brought this issue to the forefront again.