19 December, 2013

Distributism Basics: The Science of Economics

There seems to be a theory, popular among the critics of distributism, that distributists either don't understand the science of economics, or that we don't believe economics is a science. To listen to them, we don't accept the laws of supply and demand, scarcity, the theory of diminishing returns, or the many other aspects of the science of economics. This, of course, is nonsense.

05 December, 2013

Distributism Basics: Distributism vs. Capitalism

"Distributism is just like capitalism, except that we differ on the nature of man, the purpose of economic activity, usury, the maximization of token wealth, the role and legitimate exercise of the state, empirical economics, the meaning of subsidiarity, subordination of economics to the higher sciences, our ends, our means, what money is, what wealth is, what a free market is, production and consumption, regulation, free trade,
the moral and divine law in the social and economic order,
and, yes, what liberty means."
- Richard Aleman